Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find all available questions and answers about the use of DataLab and the available financial databases.

How can I access databases, and why are some databases not available from home?

The way in which you can access databases depends on access options supported by the database vendor and possibly subscription limitations. Many databases are available on-campus on any computer, or off-campus via EZproxy. Other databases can be accessed through a username/password combination. The exact type of access for each database can be found in the Access section in our database listings or on the detailed description page of each database. All options are listed in the How to use this list table. More detailed information can be found on this page.

What should I do if the EZproxy connection does not work?

If you experience issues with a database that should be available through EZproxy contact Library Support.

How do I make a reservation for a DataLab computer?

It is currently not possible to make a reservation for a DataLab computer. As the Datalab in the library is closed at the moment due to Corona, the Datastream PC’s there are not accessible. For accessing Datastream from home, please email to schedule an appointment.

How long is a WRDS account valid for?

In general, WRDS accounts for students are valid for a maximum of two years. You will receive a warning close to the expiration date, which will also contain information on how to renew your account. Contact information for account renewal and reactivation is available on the WRDS site.

How do I search for databases?

Enter one or more words in the search box on the Find Databases page, where it says "Start typing to filter". The list of databases will be dynamically filtered to only show those databases with descriptions containg your search terms. Tips:

Where can I find data for a certain year?
Determine what type of data you want to find, e.g. stock prices or rankings, and search for that type of data. For each database with this type of data, click the 'more' link in the database description to see all information about the database. There you will find information about the time period covered by the database. The Year start lists the very first year for which data is available. The Year end lists the very last year for which data is available. In some cases, only some of the data is available for this time frame, e.g. a database may have annual stock prices back to 1980, but daily stock prices back to 2000 only. In this case the year start date will be presented as 1980.

Does Tilburg University Library subscribe to the ... database?
All financial databases are listed on the Find Database page. All other databases are listed on the Libsearch site. If the database is not listed in either of these services, this means Tilburg University Library has no subscription for this database. However, you may be able to find similar data in other databases. Instead of searching for a database name, you should search for the type of information you are looking for, to see if this data can be found in any of our other databases.